not all those who wander are lost

Yeah, I am thinking the Banksy rat here is going to be just fine. Anybody dumb enough to chop a wall in THIS city is gonna have some immediate problems with “Buford T. Justice”, if you know what I mean.

Gotta love the rodent funambulist.

Nice glitter glasses – hahahaha !

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  • Actually, while we are on the subject of how zealous the Warren Police are with their little speed trap tickets, this city also has the most bad ass Blight Court in the tri county area. The rat would qualify both as untreated “blight” as well as a signage code violation. So that would land the owner two “fix it” tickets from the Warren code inspector.

  • I hear that the rat got buffed – yow !

    I was wondering if that place had any idea what was on its wall. It is not – in spite the description in the media, an abandoned warehouse.

  • I live down the street on the left side of the building and checked on the rat on the 27th and it was buffed, a nice grey square sits atop the chain now, I think Im going to walk in and tell them what they painted over.-James

  • Patrick got ‘ratted out’!

  • Wait a sec…is that on Van Dyke just south of the GM Tech Center? Yep…right near Tacom and right across the street from where I got a $155 speeding ticket. That right there is ground zero for Warren, Michigan’s largest speed trap. make sure you keep it at 35.

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