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Well, after reading some informed comments from readers when I posted this bridge before, I decided it required closer inspection. As always, opinions I express here are just that, opinions. And not always informed or correct opinions either, and I’ll always be the first to admit that. I often go off half cocked, and say things that are unfounded.

This bridge is one of those cases. First of all, it iS a bridge, which I didnt realize at first. Not only is it a bridge, but it spans Telegraph Road, which is no easy engineering task.

So, aside from the football thing, lets take a closer look at this suspension bridge with a more open mind.

Look at the feet on this bad boy !

Actually standing near this stuff gives it a much more powerful scale..

Aside from the functional necessity of such engineering, these types of construction give a sense of place in relation to the human scale. Without this sense of place, we are left with that flat and barren disposable landscape that does nothing to inspire an individual.

Seeing the way this construction holds the bridge expanse is more than impressive.

I found that the drive over the bridge is not nearly as enveloping as the drive under it, along Telegraph Road (M24).

So, if you can look past the football references, take another glance at this bridge, and if you find the time – take a spin along Tele so you can get the full effect.

Im going to look beyond the football thing and give this structure a thumbs up. South East Michigan needs much more construction of this magnitude, so folks here have more to be proud of.

10 Responses to Back to the Bridge

  • Very nice shots. Thanks for the follow-up!

  • I definately think the bridge has potential-at least it tries to be different. I wonder how well received the art deco classics were initially recieved in the 1930’s? One question-are they really footballs because of the Super Bowl-or just ovals that people thought looked like footballs?

  • Until your photo, I hadn’t seen the bridge from the Telegraph perspective. Quite impressive. However, I think this structure would look much more dramatic in shades of reds and oranges rather than that boring, flat construction blue.

  • Wow. I had no idea it was a bridge. I had only driven over it and thought “That is the worst 2 million(?) ever spent.

    It’s pretty cool looking from the Telegraph angle. But still, I dunno if it justifies the money spent.

    Un-necessary if you ask me.

  • The bridge is on I-94 over Telegraph Road, quite near Detroit Metro Airport.

    Yes, I framed the little plane (its not so little in the full sized photo, Im glad somebody noticed !) on purpose. The bridge is close to DTW, so the planes were flying over at regular intervals.

  • Where exactly is that bridge on telegraph?? Thanks
    P.S. Love your stuff, visit daily!!!

  • Is the plane that is framed between the bridges in the seventh photo on purpose or wonderful accident?!? As always, great stuff!

  • Cool. the “footballs” linking the arches together are still kinda ugly, but in the context of the arched suspension, they’re arguably better than simple straight beams.

    the whole foot-ball / stupid bowl link just put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, i think.

  • Thank you for not hopping on the Free Press band wagon and dissing this bridge. I’ve liked it since the first time I drove over it. It is modern and handsome.

  • A very classy retraction. I’m glad you took a second look. They are very unique!