not all those who wander are lost

I went back today to get better shots of the dangling truck…. This thing just cracks me up – I had to go back and get better angles of it.

South side not looking to good either.

4 Responses to Back to Packard

  • Yes, there are ramps just like a parking garage in certain places, and it used to be that you could drive between buildings through two lane bridges. It was an auto plant, so they made it auto accessible.

    Now, Dangly up there – that could be left from the old days, or it could be stored or dumped there.

    Well, definitely “dumped” now..

  • Hilarious!!! How did the truck get all the way up there? Are the floors like a parking garage with ramps? Funny stuff anyhow.

  • Last time I looked, it wasnt up there no more.


    No idea what the deal was.

  • Any idea what the story behind the truck is?

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