not all those who wander are lost

Went back to the Arnold Home tonight, and wow – was West 7 Mile hopping while I was out there.

I saw three simultaneous police stops in front of Arnold, and there was a FOX2 chopper in the air the whole time..

Turns out there was a shoot out after an attempted hit in a party store down the road.

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  • Fourth from the last photo, bottom window 2nd from the left, doesn’t it look like there is a face peeking over the edge of the windowsill? Kinda creepy. I’d love to go exploring but hear this area is bad bad bad.

  • If your going back again, let me know, I’ll go with you. Just send me an email.

  • I went out there again because Tim mentioned it to me in an email. Would have been fun if not for the commotion going on around where I was. Bad timing.

  • Yeah Paul, I was thinking about you guys when I was there. I didnt get to go very high up in the buildings because there was a huge police man hunt going on around where I was (see video) and I had to get outta there. A ticket for trespassing is one thing, but being mistaken for an armed fugitive hiding in a nearby abandoned building ? No thank you !

    Here is a good set on somebodys Flickr:

    They are kinda green photos, but otherwise you can see a lot of the interiors and stuff left behind.

    And yeah, my grandmothers retirement home smelled like that too. You couldn’t sit in any of the chairs there because people would pee in them. A lady peed on my uncles hat one time. Horror show.

  • Another set of photos from a very sad place in my history. I spent many a Sunday there with my grandmother from the mid 1970s until the early 1980s. What I remember most was the smell of the place, especially when you got off of the scary elevator on the 4th floor… The smell of urine and disinfectant! Uckkkk

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