not all those who wander are lost

Where were you four years ago ? Our asses here in the Midwest of the USA were sitting in the dark with no water, no fuel for vehicles, no ATMs, and no air conditioning. Complete power grid failure.

These papers were produced on laptops with dying batteries – check out the jaggy font on the newspaper header !

2 Responses to August 14th 2003

  • What i want to know is how they ran printing presses with no power?!

  • I lived in Lake Orion at that time, right off of Clarkston Rd, and we never lost power, but most everyone else around us did. A speedway gas station right at the cornor got looted and it was so bad because of people coming up from the city’s with no power , the national guard showed up and took care of the looting. I only had a 1/2 tank of gas so I just stayed where I was living and waited the rest of it out. That was a crazy time for the state