not all those who wander are lost

The time has come for the Arts and Crafts school to fall to the wrecking machines.

Most of the building should be gone by late Friday.

The SUPERBOWLXL logo laden Renaissance Center seems to be leering over the destruction as Arts and Crafts meets its last days after almost one hundred years.

After fire, vandalism, graffiti and abandonment from its offspring CCS/CAD – the time has finally come. I have strong but mixed feelings about the loss of this historic Detroit treasure. It sat for so long in such a undignified and humiliating condition, I have to say I am glad to see it put down.

Rest easy old girl.

Somewhere out there tonight James E. Scripps, Mary Chase Perry Stratton, William “Buck” Stratton and Sarkis Sarkisian are turning uncomfortably in their graves.

4 Responses to ARTS and CRAFTS R.I.P.

  • At last, the day comes.
    Mary Chase Perry Stratton and Buck are definitely turning in their graves.
    I will pass these pics around Pewabic for history’s sake.
    Keep up the good work.

  • As a student of Urban studies (Cleveland State) it bothers me to see old buildings go to waste. But as a lover of all things historic ( my focus at CSU is Historic Preservation ), it deeply saddens me to see what was once a beautiful structure fall because of stupidity and a lack of vision. But, as you said, atleast the old girl is finally out of her misery. RIP

  • Damn. I know that one was on your ‘let’s try to save list’. I grabbed a few shots just last week and wondered at the time what it would take to bring it back. I guess the answer is now ‘time travel’.

  • Heh… nice update :P demolishion sites are always cool. On monday January 30, 2006 I got to see some demolishion going on downriver. They were tearing down some cement silo’s not too far from the Renesance Center. I took some picks and some video footage :P I haven’t been to the site since then so I have no idead if the silo is gone by now or not.