not all those who wander are lost

Before the cars, were the cigars. Detroits #1 industry was cigarmaking back in the day.

Former FEDERAL’S sign on the back of the Grand River location

Details from the Grande Ballroom

Heres a crazy Meso-American relief Ive not noticed before..

Uh oh…..THE BOY !

7 Responses to Angels in the Architecture

  • Thats cool Annie ! Its always fun to keep a secret.

  • The letters under the windows at the Grande Ballroom are a well kept secret connected to the origial owner, Harry Weitzman. I know what they mean.

  • Thanks for the Grande Closeups.
    I have long studied the building but NEVER noticed the unicorn creature. The initials,we suspect may be those of the building architect and owners. Charles Agree (A )Harry Weitzman (W) Not certain on the other 2 characters, anyone have an idea ?

  • I know, that gryphonesque dealy looks like a badass fishfly on steroids !

    Nailhed – yeah, I have the ‘Angels in the Archiitecture’ book, but actually what was stuck in my head was that Paul Simon song from Graceland.

  • What is that first one? Looks like a dragon – unicorn- seahorse tribrid.

  • Hey Nailhed –

    Naw , I didnt check out the interior – BUT it is open in front.

    The Brush Park castle apartments, I got no idea what those are called. I went inside ages ago, but could never get out of the basement. Jeezuz is that place collapsed inside.

  • so did you check out the Mammoth Mall / Federal’s then? i noticed that same sign when Chad & i were there on Sunday. aint much inside. nothing, in fact.

    Angels in the Architecture…you have that book i’m guessing? pretty sweet, huh?