not all those who wander are lost

These are the Angela apartments, in Brush Park along I-75.

The southern face is the Weins apartment building.

Great views from here…

Some original curb stones along the street.

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  • That “gasm” tagger sure does get around, we saw that phrase all over the city!

  • lol…yes, I sure could be a location scout. I do private tours for media people and such as well.

  • That junked-up inner courtyard looks very like the one where Det. Mahajan ran down a fleeing suspect in Detroit 1-8-7’s episode “Nobody’s Home”, which dealt with a killing in the Brush Park area. You could be a location scout.

  • Great pictures as usual, you capture the plight of the city so well in the object of buildings the average citizen would just pass by without noticing.

    I still would love to put a page on my site that illustrated the boundary between Detroit and the suburbs if the inspiration hits you.

  • Whatever happened to urban density? How do you draw people back to live in the city?

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