not all those who wander are lost

The fold is what gives it that real urban flavor…

“R.I.P.” shirts ? What a strange industry that has popped up amidst all the death.

Bowling ball shattered after being thrown from a freeway overpass on I-94.

4 Responses to An Odd Assortment

  • hahaha ! You know I was thinking of you when I shot that terminal block – lol

  • What the fuck? They are still tossing bowling balls off of overpasses??? I thought this was a ghetto thing from 1982???

  • Thanks for reading Sage. Sadly, yes – the current conditions are most frightening. Yet there is always the hope, promise and history of Detroit to focus on. Glad you like the site.

  • Your Detroit photos are just mesmerizing – I subscribed to your site about a month ago after driving through Detroit and seeing what a post-apocalyptic wasteland it’s become. Your photos do such a beautiful job of displaying both the appalling and the beautiful.

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