not all those who wander are lost

Chairs with blown skylight.

Skylight seen from above.

Classic “humans nest”, as Pedro used to call them..

This is the one unit that appeared different from the rest – perhaps it was hotel management or security.

Some good views from this giant garbaged out hulk….Very good.

On the way out, SNWEB spotted some revealed terra cotta details with some stamped number/maker data. Good eye.

10 Responses to American Hotel

  • That MCS picture is pretty nuts. It’s like it isn’t there in the middle.

  • I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist…

    This “photo shoot” was taken at an abandoned distillery in Kentucky.


  • Naw – no chicks in buildings, although I have photos of people taking photos of chicks in buildings. Haha !

    The screw warehouse (lol) in Rivertown, and also in the burned remains of Studebaker. The Studebaker porn people tried to chase me in their car. I went “road warrior” and scared the fuck out of them and they backed off.

    You can really scare folks with a $5 car and a bad attitude.

  • Hey – at least you haven’t added scantily-clad goth chicks in your photo shoots yet….

    have you?

    Gotta check for those “goth” and “chicks” tags. Ahhh, all I’d probably come up with is a post with chickens in a deserted farm house…

  • Im always tongue in cheek – no worries. You guys are regulars, so I blab more.

    Seriously the urbex thing drives me nuts too – and I am one of the people who helped spread the disease early on. And yep – I am a little self conscious about that. “The photographer that helped launch 10,000 douchebags”.

    Bwahahahahaha !

  • Protest the what now ?

  • BTW nail – I hold an advanced degree in “art faggery”, so I am entitled to indulge – according to the people who granted me my degree…..Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. (those were the names on the student loan bills that came when I was done…)


  • Also: I have yet to actually see any person masturbate to any of these dirty old building photos, so I really do not understand the term “ruins porn” at all.

    People keep using that word, I do not think they know what it means.

  • Ahahahahahah ! You guys are killing me with the chairs ! What I hate is the singular dejected teddy bear/ baby doll in front of the burned houses… Ohhhhh but I always shoot them and post them.

    Because the Funk fears NO cheese. lol

    Gimmie some credit at least for setting up the fourth photo down, where you can see the one stupid chair from several floors up looking down through the blown skylight ..

    It was photo #16 that we laughed our heads off at when we were shooting – “isnt this on Flickr already?” – the tree with the kneecap graf photo.

    This post is chock full of urbex cliche – the chairs, the long blown out hallways shots, the humans nest, the ironic views of downtown through the dirty window………….the SC tags in the dust on the chairs….(oh wait, I forgot that pic..ahahah!) Roof shots and all.

    I mean think about it; detroitfunk itself is an urbex cliche.

    I dont post too much of this kind of stuff any more, but its still fun to do it now and then.

  • Ahh yes, the ubiquitous “lone-chairs-in-the-rubble”. There must be some “Ruin Porn Services” company that provides them at these locations. I came across this one in Gary:

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