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Acacia No. 477 Masonic Lodge.

The hall area is all gutted and prepped for new floors, and the roof was completely redone at some point in the recent past. Who did this ?

And then passing through this huge security fenced door, I find piles of documents ! Secrets of the Masonic order ? Lists of secret members or rituals ? What would I find here ?



Complete with addresses and social security numbers…. WTF ? Its like you can go into any abandoned building in Detroit now, and find piles of DPS records, no matter what the original use may have been !

I am thinking DPS was in here at some point in some capacity. Well then what became of the Masonic hall in back ? Was it DPS that started the new roof ?

Here is how you find date of last use for many places.

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  • Hi Ray – Thanks for that recollection, its amazing that we found somebody who attended this lodge ! Too bad there are probably not many interior photos of such places.

  • I am 59 years old, and have fond remembrances of attending functions at this lodge as a child (6 -11 years old – 1956-1961) as my mother was high up in the eastern star organization. My child’s eye was awed by it’s beauty – I remember plush green patterned carpet, richly varnished mahagany wainscot and trim, and shiny leather perimeter seating. Seeing this really makes me nostalgic – my mother died in 1961, just after achieving “worthy advisor” status in the order of the eastern star. I also remember a large room in the basement that had a stage with a painted scenic backdrop. That’s where the refreshments were served after meetings or ceremonies- my first but not last encounters with chocolate sheetcake. All of us kids would prance around the stage while the parents partied. I remember it quite vividly, and would love to hear from anyone with similar experiences.

  • Interestingly, there is an apparently active Lodge 477, called the Acanthus Lodge, on Ryan Rd. north of 13 Mile in Warren. I wonder if it’s descended from this one? Also, if you Google “Acacia 477” you’ll get a Citysearch link for Acacia A&FM Lodge 477, with the address of a retirement home on Vernier in Grosse Pointe Woods. Maybe a surviving member?

    So, any idea if the school system actually had this building and what they may have wanted to do with it? At least that would answer the mystery of the halted renovation work.

    Personal historical trivia: East Side General Hospital was once on this same block, across the street and towards Vernor from the Masonic Lodge. My best friend when I was a kid had his appendix taken out there in the early ’70s, and the place closed soon thereafter.

  • This is a great find, as I am a mason…Went to the monster lodge to see if someone could give us a tour, but it was ringed with freaks, and the doors were locked.
    Here is another REALLY old one, small.
    lat. 42.3463° lon -83.052°
    That is in brushpark, corner of brush and watson.
    Its locked up well, the cornerstone is to the left of the front door. I could not find anything on the net about it, which brings me to this…
    -Roughly- where on cadillac is “yours”?? TIA.
    Tried searching, google only shows this site!
    ( most masons are somewhat older, the WWW sites don’t go very deep )
    “Acacia” is an icon/symbol, from the biblical tree…lots of lodges use this name, hence, you can’t find it on a search (too many results)
    “AF&M” = ‘ancient free & accepted masons ‘
    Used to be, all the upstanding guys were masons.
    Our place just got 2 new guys, they are from Jordan.

  • I’m actually surprised there wasn’t a knee-high pile of rotted colored chalk in one of the rooms…

  • Navi – hilarious ! You got scooped by your own crew.

    D – Cadillac Boulevard.

  • Where is this building located?

  • Ahahahaha, that is priceless!

    …AND look at all that cool stuff upstairs! Wtf? When I was there, my friends told me there was nothing up there, so I stayed on the ground floor the entire time.


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