not all those who wander are lost

This is the beginning of the facade coming down

The large peak comes down

The chimney comes down

And finally the shorter peak comes down

I dont know this gentlemans name, but he is a genius at the art of demolition. We saw him do things I still dont understand – like pluck the wood from the main window, and then reach through to grab the entire fire escape. He pulled it through the hole without knocking the fragile facade, bent the fire escape into a bowtie, and set it down. The entire facade was demolished with only a few small fragments of brick touching Watson Street. And unlike other recent demolitions, the streetlight was left pristine and unharmed. Amazing.

The final portion of the facade falls.

This is the guy who works for the company who owns the structure, with his men – trying desperately to save any portion of the Zodiacal murals on the western wall. Their efforts were in vain. I had to shake his hand and thank him for trying though. These are good guys who had to do this. They would have preferred to save everything, but were pressured by the City to demolish immediately.

The Zodiacal mural is collapsed.

Nothing left but bricks and burnt wood now.

Another precious part of Detroits history is erased forever.

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  • Tyrolia3~

    The posts with the Donovan demolition will be back soon. I had a server wipeout and Im still putting some stuff back together.

    The graffiti gallery was removed permanently due to concerns expressed by many Detroit residents who suffered vandalism of their properties. I found it hard to argue against their point of view on that subject and agreed to take the gallery down. There were other issues, but that is the primary reason. Since the graff people are mostly anonymous, I became the focal point for these peoples frustration. They saw my gallery as glorifying the destruction of their property and their city.

    I just want to make good photos.

  • hey, where did the graff gallery go?
    and the donovan destructophotos?

  • Sad thanks. Any idea what may be next on the list? I see the wrecking ball crew have moved to the block that caught fire last weekend []. Looking back at some shots[] they must have arrived recently. Is the block opposite Masonic Temple a target or are they just parked up I wonder?

  • This is truley sad…..thanks for the images.

  • I have worked in extremely close proximity to demolition and it is amazing how accurately some can manuever a rig.

    If education institutions are to broaden students minds in order to help establish a better future; what does neglect of roots and abandonement teach?