dETROITfUNK is NOT an “emotion” or any other bodily function. dETROITfUNK is a photo website consisting of one guy who takes photographs in the City of Detroit. The original intent of the title of this website project is the assertion that the City of Detroit is basically in quite a “funk”, which is to say much of it is in very  poor condition and seems stuck in that state. dETROITfUNK is a celebration of all that is and was great about Detroit, and at the same time is also intended to serve as a persistent and realistic warning about the unbelievable chaos that can still exist within the City’s borders. Years of photo essays tell the changing story of the City and the developments which have occurred since 2003.

The photography on this website is traditional street photography, mixed in with a few other interests like nature and architectural photography. Not to be confused with Urban Exploration or other more technical movements in photography and digital imagery.


dETROITfUNK is a photo web log which was started in 2003 by Randy Wilcox. This site is graciously hosted by Nic and Lowell Boileau of, home of and The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit.

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