not all those who wander are lost

Okay, just a couple more from the Isle and we’ll move back on to the mainland….

Keeping an eye on the Aquarium building, but it doesnt look as if anything inside has moved for months.

Creepy, sad.

Just inside one of the bay doors of the Belle Isle Public Works building – usual storage: benches, cones – but check out some of the ancient architectural details in there. These buildings should be used for something a bit more formal, and certainly cleaned up and restored. The clay tile roof is falling to pieces, windows are missing, wood is rotting.

Folks may remember this as the location of the storage of Kwames controversial Harley motorcycles. All made more amusing by the revelation that Kwame had no license to drive a motorcycle.

Winter provides an opportunity to check out the Scott Fountain up close without the water in the way.

These are details normally filled over with water in the main basin. Pewabic tile ?

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