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3 Responses to 85 fires video footage


    wtf man, every EVERY time i leave town for a few days, Detroit burns.

    it happened when the Studebaker went down, it happened when the 9 Mile bridge got melted, it happened during the great blackout of 2004…and a couple others too.

    the craaaaziest thing is where i went to in Colorado also had a wildfire up in the mountains when i was there. our plan was to do some hiking / mine exploring up in Left Hand Canyon…well, what do you know. that was all closed down due to the largest forest fire in Weld County history–7100 acres burning and 100+ homes gone. then i come home to find out about THIS?! wtf!! insane.

  • I would say two out of three were abandoned before the fire, and at least half of those were burnt once already before the fire.

  • The wind looked pretty vicious that night.
    Of the houses that burned, how many would you say were already abandonded?