not all those who wander are lost

I stopped by the 555 Gallery to chat and see what is new – and to visit an old friend.

The guys are working on this exterior and portable workspace, both as an art project and as a functional outside studio structure.

This is made of polystyrene that was left over from one of the hollywood productions – I guess this was a big fake missile.

Pretty cool inside – at first I thought this was a geodesic structure, but it just has a round missile nose for a roof. Still pretty cool interior space. I gotta think the R value is about a million, seeing how it is made of pure insulation materials.

Ah, reunited at last. Here is the Banksy, safe and sound behind a series of 50 solid titanium blast doors, 5 locked vaulted doors, and 4 guards in red shirts holding AK47s.

Actually you can stop by and visit 555 any time they are open and see the Banksy for yourself. After all the tittering about this event, I do not care what anyone says – in the final analysis I am very glad that 555 saved the Banksy from the idiots at Packard and their demolition company. It would have been demolished (illegally) to harvest the steel beams that make up the wall it is on. If you think it was better off being demolished, than just don’t come see it.

555 are good people, and this was a good deed.

The people at Packard chopped the other Banksy and put it on eBay – and there was no outrage at that online or elsewhere. Why ? And who the hell owns the Packard property ? Why is the City of Detroit allowing somebody to rent that place to hollywood ? Who is hollywood paying to use the property ? Who insures the hollywood people when they are there ? Is somebody paying property taxes on that land ?

The blow up over Banksy was a cheap shot at the 555 gallery, and everyone who expressed outrage fell impotent when the second Banksy – along with another raging fire at Packard – appeared. The second one was put on eBay, and nobody went crazy over that.

The 555/Banksy event brought on so many important and vital discussions about art – but along with that came a blowout that was completely unfounded and hypocritical.

This is a good gallery. Check it out, visit, support your local arts.

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