not all those who wander are lost

Ribbon cutting last night at the 55 West Canfield Lofts building in Midtown. This structure was the Detroit Public Schools Audio Visual Technical Center in its most recent incarnation.

The man of the hour, 55 West Canfield developer Colin Hubbell.

Colin Hubbell and Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick cut the ribbon

The Mayor laying down a pretty darn good speech about Colin and Detroits development.

The man the legend -City Council President Kenneth Cockrell Jr. This guys father was a giant in Detroits history. It is inspiring to see the apple falling not to far from his tree.

The First Gentleman – Jennifer Granholms husband Dan Mulhern looking very special in his yellow shirt.

Good party, free food thingys and alcohol.

Some interesting art was hung, but the atmosphere was a bit dark and chaotic to really enjoy it much. Same with the music, sounded like booming in a cave.

The crowd was a massive glut of hipsters, I dont think Ive ever seen such a large, hip, loft-esque group in one spot before. I started numbering the girls with the thin rectangle hipster glasses, but soon lost count.

They had several units decked out in mock furnishings. This looks just like my bed at home ! Seriously, what is that mirror for – so you can watch yourself while having sex with your partner ? heh.

Midtown is a bit of an odd landscape, so the views were less than spectacular in my mind. Power plant on one side, giant million megawatt antenna to the west (brain tumor-atcha) – I dunno.

All in all a great party, and certainly inspiring as far as developing the City.

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