not all those who wander are lost

After my bittersweet experience in the tunnel under the slaughterhouse, I find myself in the tunnels below the Packard Plant. Much better weather and a bit more caution made it a good trip rather than a messy one.

These really bring back the days of the Northville Tunnels. Although I must say, the main Packard tunnels are much nicer than some of the utility tunnels at the former Wayne County Training School.

Paying way more attention to what is on the ground in this tunnel trip. Basic rule: if you are below grade, there will be some serious drainage infrastructure.

i.e. = Don’t stick your leg in a hole.

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  • I plan to go down there soon for a “staycation”. I here the admissionnis “free” How is the street by the plant… is it easy to pick up a nail and get a flat tire?

    Is there any chance of getting a ticket for tresspassing if caught inside by the Detroit Police? is there any ordinance in effect which prohibits entry to these abandoned buildings?

  • If you’re ever worried about being caught in a fire in the tunnel, you could just take some of the asbestos pipe covering off and wrap it around your body. It won’t help with the holes of erosion, but you would be somewhat flame retardant.

    Tunnels attract all types of trash, even in occupied buildings. Done with the spool, just dump it in the tunnel.

  • Thanks George –

    You know, Id look the same place as everyone else for that data:

    Somebody posted a Sanborn image with what they believed to be Building 10 recently, and I went looking through to see if I could verify that. I got distracted by the tunnels and later by going up to the roof with some guys I met in there that day from New York. I did poke around in the building in question – famous for being the first industrial structure in all of modern history to use re enforced concrete. So much is burnt and gone now, it really is just like a big parking garage in that area. Years ago I found different things dating from the original era inside.

  • Your photos of recent explorations are incredible! Would that I had the courage and energy to duplicate them. I always wonder what the various buildings at Packard contained, what processes went on in the different places. Do you know of any source that has information about what was where back in the time the plant was running full tilt?

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