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7 Responses to Looking Up

  • Oh, so THAT’S where they filmed I Am Legend.

  • haha, i love the david broderick tower. i went in there a couple times before it was HARD to get in. went in every room and floor. what a wonderful building. i loved it, tried getting in last summer at midnight and set off the alarm when i was on the main floor, ran out of there like a bat out of hell. got some neat things from there though. i just seen the demolish of the lafayette and broke into tears. i loved that building also especially at night. its a shame.

  • The problem is there is available space in operating buildings. You would need a tenant to take most of the building to make a renovation financially viable-if you could get the funding.

  • Robert – that is the eternal question, eh ?

  • Detroit has some beautiful buildings. Why don’t they use them?

  • “skyscraper graveyard” – not sure whether to laugh, cry or both. New tourism tagline? “Detroit, where skyscrapers go to die.”

  • back to the old format.

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