not all those who wander are lost

The end of yet another year.

Its that time again to clear out the folders to make room for the 2008 photos !

The classic Detroit “Im watching you!” sign for Devils Night arsonists.

New casinos popping up like mushrooms, a few half finished grand openings.

Albert Kahns printmaker shop beautifully rehabbed for loftification.

More prefab Crosswinds crackerbox condos for Brush Park. But seriously this is a great thing. When this website started, Brush Park was one of the scariest looking places in the City.

This I just came across at work, cracked my ass up !

The Big Buff – clearing out the Eastern Market Yards, the previous home of some of the best graffiti work in Detroit.

Eastern Market got its sheds buffed and some rehab dollars.

Django – is that you ? lol

L. Brooks – Hahahaha !

3 Responses to 2007

  • Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes made of ticky-tacky,
    Little boxes, little boxes,
    Little boxes, all the same.
    There’s a green one and a pink one
    And a blue one and a yellow one
    And they’re all made out of ticky-tacky
    And they all look just the same.

    … maybe much to be said for loftification over crackerboxification after all.

  • can’t wait for next year. i wish there were more people like scott yo see your photos and live there.

  • another year of awesomeness man. thanks again. Your site is one of the reasons I moved into the city. peace!