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3 Responses to 2005 Scovel Church fire

  • Dan (BofD) and I were trying to remember when they finally bulldozed it. If you notice, I slow to show the Pewabic looking tiles in the entryway on the way out. Those were chopped out before demolition. So the “after” footage was actually some time after the fire.

  • Yeah, scovel like many other places looks more dangerous in photos than what I am doing for real. In the video I am walking through the unburned parts with no basement or lower levels beneath.

    Scovel is a building that I looked at from the rafters to the storm cellar, so I knew where I was in the building after it was burned.

    Sorry to say, I am not always as daring as I appear to be in various posts. I do make some dumb mistakes, and I am being much more careful these days.

    And of course, if anything had gone wrong inside Scovel, I woulda been offline for the last five years…lol

  • DFunk, How long after the fire were you inside? All that lath & plaster must have gone up like a torch. I must admit I worry about you on shoots like this. What happens if the floor drops out from under you? Then we won’t be concerned about your hand or busted camera. Still keep up the good work, I love to see it.