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This is what Detroit calls “state of the art” in convention centers. Some Brady Bunch designed thing from the early sixties, that looks like it hasn’t seen a building inspector since Lyndon Johnson was president.

Example: the Cobo Convention Arena.

Counselwoman Monica ‘mad dog’ Conyers actually insinuated that somebody went on top of Cobo and drilled holes in the roof just to make City Counsel look bad. . . yeah.

But twenty seconds of inspection shows serious structural issues everywhere you look.

3 Responses to Nasty old Cobo Hall

  • Wiki says this:

    It and the adjacent Cobo Arena are named for Albert E. Cobo, mayor of Detroit from 1950 to 1957. Designed by Gino Rossetti, both Cobo Hall and Cobo Arena opened in 1960.

    So COBO is a mayors name.

    Ah – I like the design okay, and the new part facing downtown is kinda spiffy. That is aside from the fact that they can not convert this mess into something that can compete with Chicago or Vegas.

  • Looks like there a deferred maintenance issue here. When there is leakage like that it gets into the rebar and the rebar rusts and expands pretty soon there will be no concrete cladding on those columns. This needed to be fixed years ago. I am guessing that there was no funding for up keep and maintenance. As far as “modern” design goes I rather like this one. Very Miesien. What does COBO stand for?

  • I remember when Cobo opened and yeah it looks dated now, but it was state of the art back then. It’s still iconic, with that huge rotunda and the sharp angles. If it’s allowed to rot it would be the ultimate finger to all of Detroit.

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