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4 Responses to Renaissance Center Views

  • I love the St. Josaphat stack! I see it every morning. Do you know if it was done that way on purpose? Working downtown this summer… so much to learn about the history!

  • Aw comon Sticks, you know those angles have also been covered on detroitfunk in the past ! Theres that whole freakin People Mover video on the YouTube page too.

    Sometimes I just get a glut of one thing, and out it goes, yknow ?

    Susan – I am thinking GM will suffer a rather nasty bankruptcy, which will allow them to deadbeat out on any lease agreements or purchase agreements with the Renaissance property. If they own it outright, it should be confiscated during bankruptcy.

  • Sure hope the Ren Cen doesn’t suffer the same fate as some of the other buildings in Detroit if worst comes to worst for GM. Great pics as always.

  • No shot from Woodbridge St with all the rundown buildings and fabrications? No shot from the People Mover? C’mon, you can do better =)

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