not all those who wander are lost

“Original Home of 30. curl”

3 Responses to Original Home of 30. curl

  • You’d have to go back to about 1966, before the race riots and the race baiters, to see vitality in neighborhoods like this. I see nothing has changed for the better since I left for the East Coast back in 1997. What a shame.

  • Nice thought, wheatie93, but it was a crappy neighborhood back then, too.

  • As I browse though these pictures, I try to imagine these streets 30 years earlier. How many children going in and out of the “Candy” store would the camera capture in 1979? Would they be leaning against the building finishing their slushes and ice cream cones? Would we see one best friend admiring the others’ new bike he just purchased at the Eastside Bike Shop? And what car would we see through the open garage door of the “Hand Car Wash” getting the final polish? Perhaps a ’79 Firebird or a 79 Cadillac Eldorado?

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