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All my new and old readers, we have come to the end of our road together.

It has been an amazing trip these last 12 years, wandering the streets of Detroit and sharing all my stories with you, and hearing all of your stories. I have met the most incredible people through this project, and even have had the chance to talk with some of my most beloved artists and musicians. The best thing was always the readers, the wonderful and informative comments, and the unbelievable support I have had over the years.

I still use the Nikon D5000 that you all pitched in and paid for when I broke my last camera getting chased by scrappers. It is one of my prized possessions.

I will never forget the outpouring of support I got after I went up onto the Packard overpass and tore down that damned Nazi sign. It is one of my proudest moments.

Most of all, thank you for looking at my work. If it ever meant anything to any of you, remember that what comes from the heart, touches the heart.

This project was born of my love of the great City of Detroit. I get chills just writing about all the powerful historic events that have taken place here.

So what happened that has caused the plug to be pulled so suddenly at this time ? Well, there are a number of things that led to this being the time to close up shop. Changing times, Detroit is different, I am different. Life is calling me in a new direction, and certain things have made that painfully clear.


I will always love the City of Detroit, with all of it’s imperfections and problems and struggles – it is my home. My people were born there and many are buried there, and I will probably die in there somewhere one day.

And I will always love all the people who supported this website and the dETROITfUNK archive project.

Thank you to my wife who has supported my work on the website through all of the ups and downs.

A million thanks to Lowell and Nic Boileau, who hosted and maintained this site on so that everybody could enjoy it. Without Lowell, this website would never have existed, as it was inspired by his work. A true friend and mentor in all ways.

A huge thank you to John Carlisle, who served as a massive inspiration in the early days with the unbelievably powerful work on his website

Most of all my undying gratitude goes to the long time readers and contributors like my friend Nailhed, who made this website a rich and deep experience for all who enjoyed reading it.

(If you want to read some amazing explorations in fine detail complete with footnotes, check out Nailhed’s website:

Everybody take care, and say good things about Detroit

-Randy Wilcox

Speramus Meliora – Resurget Cineribus !